Even though I’m grateful and thankful for everything with which I’ve been blessed, and some things that others wouldn’t consider blessings, but that I deem learning experiences, I feel a little hurt that someone with whom I thought I had a lasting blog/Facebook/Google+ friendship, has cut me off like a bad driver on the interstate. I saw her newest post in my Reader this morning, and I wanted to comment as I have been doing since I returned to blog world (with no responses so far from her, BTW), and discovered that comments are no longer open to me, or something like that. So, I stopped following her. So there. Hmpf.

11 thoughts on “Hmpf

  1. One does wonder at such snubs, delivered without having to look anybody in the eye. But hey, whatever she might be thinking is not actually a reflection of you. Perhaps she no longer felt up to the standard you set for commenting and just gave up…. ?

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    • Oh, yeah, Deb, I’m sure she felt she wasn’t up to my unachievable standards of commenting. Hahahaha! That actually made me laugh out loud. She’s got a burr under her saddle for some reason. Who knows? She never did comment in her posts on her other blogs, but always did it by email, for some reason. Whatever. I have the people who matter most commenting here, and that’s all that matters. Her posts are kind of boring anyway. 😉


  2. This reminded of the periodic housecleaning/unfriending I do on Facebook, sometimes for no other reason than feeling bombarded with posts that were either consistently boring, humourless or cringingly self-concerned. In the case I’m thinking of, the person banged a constant drum about hypnosis (which interests me, but not to that point) and was in any case not someone I felt a real connection to. Got caught out for my cowardice, of course (despite her having 300+ friends) and then felt I had to explain my decision to avoid being thought of as a complete jerk.


    • Uh-huh, that happened to me more than once. I got tired of the constant housecleaning/unfriending cycle, and mostly about people whom I wanted to unfriend, but couldn’t because they’re family, if you know what I mean. One of the many reasons I realized I had to break up with FB. The main one being that it was sucking the life out of me. Better to be here and actually enjoying my time spent on the computer, rather than constantly being aggravated to the point of raising my blood pressure.


    • It was kind of weird, for sure. And now that I think of it, maybe it was just a Reader glitch or something, and maybe nobody could comment that day, so I might give her another chance. It’s possible that I get my feelings hurt too easily, or something silly like that. Thought I had conquered that, but maybe not.

      Well, I love you, too, lady, and I hope you had a very good Thanksgiving day and dinner. I’m sure you did, because I saw the pics on Instagram. Very sweet. I didn’t end up taking any pictures, but Aimee took a few, so maybe I’ll have her put them up, and I’ll repost them as if they were my very own. 😉


  3. Hmpf indeed. It is a cold world out there in cyberspace. It’s easier to snub someone when you don’t have to see them face to face and explain. Sometimes we work things out when we actually talk/write to each other. It’s too easy to unfriend someone in today’s world. I’m sorry you were hurt.

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    • So true, Scott. Some of my family members have even turned out to be cyber friendships, in that I’ve wanted to unfriend many of them on Facebook (in which I no longer participate.) I rarely let anything get me down for long, so my momentary little ego boo-boo is all better now. 😉

      Thanks for visiting. 🙂


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