I don’t make resolutions

Can it really be the last day of 2014? For a year that started out horribly wrong, it has ended up being peaceful and good. We made some huge changes this year. We moved our daughter and her four children in with us, which we soon realized necessitated another big change, finding a house that would accommodate seven people comfortably. We sold two houses and bought this one, and nearly worked ourselves to a frazzle in the process. David lost about twenty pounds, and I lost ten or twelve, half of which I’ve gained back. But I expected that. I was physically working at an ungodly pace, and was usually too tired to eat much of anything at the end of the day.

Life has taken on a new normal. We never expected, at this stage of our lives, to be helping raise four grandchildren. It’s a trial some days, but for the most part, it has been a breeze. They are great kids, and the toddler has given us a new lease on life. He keeps us moving and motivated, and best of all, he makes us laugh all the time. And our hearts melt with love every time we hold him on our laps. He’s teaching us as much as we’re teaching him.

Having him around has been especially good for David. When our children were young, he worked and traveled a lot, so he missed so much of their growing up. He’s getting a second chance now, and enjoying every minute. His little shadow follows him everywhere.

I don’t make resolutions, but if I did, I would make these:

  1. I will be more patient. Sometimes I tend to be testy, especially if someone has asked me the same thing ten times, and the answer is still the same as it was on the first asking.
  2. I will not let things and happenings take over my own good sense. Scale back, sit down, and let it be “good enough.”
  3. I will spend more time with my friends, including couple friends. I don’t need to be here all the time. Most of the people in this house are pretty self-sufficient, except for the toddler, and he has plenty of people around him that will see to his needs.
  4. Get more real exercise. I know, everyone puts this one on their list. I’m busy and moving most of the time, but it isn’t the real thing, and I know it, and my butt knows it. If I want to be around to see these grandkids reach their full potential, I’ve got to do something about it, and not just say there’s always tomorrow. We all know tomorrow never comes.

That’s it. My theoretical resolution list. Not too unachievable, I think. I’m not even going to wait until tomorrow. I’m starting today.

Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you for being here!

16 thoughts on “I don’t make resolutions

  1. That business about real exercise is at the top of my list. Even though I do manual labor for a living, and I’m flexible, with good upper body strength, more cardio is in the cards.

    Every year I think I need to socialize more, but then I get involved in this or that and realize I’m either bored out of my mind, or wishing I was doing something rather than watching something. Ergo: a good for better socializing, rather than just more.

    And by the way, if you haven’t figured it out yet (I’m sure you have): you close an html tag by adding / inside the brackets at the end. 🙂


    • Linda, I’m just trying to figure out when to fit real exercise into my busy life. I think I will have to give up something to do it, like sleep. We have a great treadmill, but I really hate being on it, even with the TV to distract me. I know, I’m finding excuses. I need to work on that. 🙂

      I don’t care for socializing, just for the sake of it. I’m definitely not a party-goer. I really miss my friends, whom I haven’t had time for in the past year. We finally got together this weekend with our friends in Michigan, and it was soul-restoring. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about.

      I think I did add the /, just in the wrong spot. I used to do it all the time on Blogger, but I was so out of all of that, it will take me a while to remember it all, and WordPress is a little different to use. I was surprised that I remembered any of it! 🙂


  2. Happy new year (again!) I don’t do the resolution thing either, but work on goals.I put exercise at the top last year but it deserves to be right up there. My big one is to gain control of my clutter — and of my creative time (or seeming lack thereof). No matter what they are, just stating them helps us keep them centered. Good luck on yours!


    • Jeanie, I know better than to make resolutions. Goals sound more achievable, definitely. Clutter is the biggest issue around here. It drives me completely mad! The kitchen island is the worst. I can clean it off and organize it, and fifteen minutes later you can’t tell that I did a thing! How does that happen??? And most of it is my fault. I admit it. It did help somewhat when I got a letter tray to sort of control my daily notebooks, calendars, etc. At least they’re corralled most of the time. It also helped getting a white board calendar for the kitchen. That way I can see at a glance who needs to be where and when, and I can get rid of the little snips of paper.

      Good luck to you with your goals!


  3. Let it be “good enough.” Boy, oh, boy. That is my philosophy. Good enough is good enough!

    You really did have a busy year. Moving is on that top ten most stressful events. Our last move (about 12.5 years ago) was horrible. We want to downsize now, and my biggest concern is the move. It will be so hard to downsize with all this stuff, but…

    Your non-resolutions all sound doable. I wish you luck and a very happy new year.


    • Bella, we certainly downsized all the junk we had been accumulating for the last fifteen years. In the end, David finally had to rent a dumpster to get rid of what we couldn’t sell or give away. The barn was the biggest issue, it was 30 ft by 40 ft and two-story, so it had a LOT of crap in there. It always amazes me what people will pick up from the side of the road, though. They really like scrap metal.

      We’re trying not to get into that kind of situation here. We have good intentions anyway. I think David has gotten over his problem with keeping stuff “because I might need it someday.” He had to work too hard to remedy that to ever do it again. I think.

      Happy New Year, and gook luck to you, too!


      • I know what you mean about downsizing the junk. I lost count of how many trips we made to the dump and Goodwill the last time we moved. We’ve gone up to the attic every year for the past few years, trying not to hang on to too much. With each decision, we asked ourselves, “Do I want to move this?” The answer was usually no. My husband’s parents never threw anything away and neither did Dad. What a job that was after they died. I do not want to do that to my son and DIL.


  4. Huh. I commented on this post in my head – but it doesn’t show up here! When will Google address that, anyway?
    Your moving experiences are my idea of nightmare upon nightmare – no wonder you didn’t eat! I’ve said before how much I respect the priorities you set, and admire your commitment to your children and grandchildren. (The ‘your’ is plural, of course)
    I hope you can stick to #4, because without it, numbers 1-3 will be that much harder.
    Really, really nice to get back into your world this way. I wish, quite genuinely, that I could write like you do. But you’re motivating me!!!


    • Deb, I don’t know what’s going on with the comments. I had another blogger contact me by email about it. I think I fixed it in the settings, but who knows? We’re having computer problems again, so obviously that other fixing was just a band-aid. I don’t know if that had something to do with it.

      Believe me, I soooooo did not want to jump into the moving and preparing houses to sell. I dreaded it every step of the way, and I still have nightmares about it. It was just one of those cases of do or die, so I waded in and just kept plugging along. I can tell you, I was not a fun person to live with during it, so I’m not a saint by anyone’s measure. 🙂

      I wouldn’t wish that anyone could write the way I do! It’s definitely in the category of flying by the seat of my pants, so it’s pretty haphazard. Most of the time it makes sense, but often I go back and think, what the hell was I trying to say here? That might be because most of them are written at 4 or 5 in the morning. Haha!

      Love you!


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