Here we go

The Chinese hackers have struck again. Anthem this time, and, of course, that’s our insurance company. This time it’s social security numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, etc. The exact kinds of information needed to steal identities. We’ve received the initial obligatory email from the president or CEO, who knows, who cares. He assures us everything is being done to remedy the situation, and even his own information was among all of ours. Is that supposed to reassure us? Soon to follow, more emails and letters in the mail. Visit the credit reporting services and put a hold on any new applications, watch your credit statements, report any suspicious activity, blah, blah, blah.

When are these companies going to get it right the first time around? They’re playing with people’s lives here. I’ve thought for a long time that we need some other system of identification other than our social security numbers. In fact, I refuse to give it out to most places requesting it for applications and what-not. Oh, your information is secure with us, yada yada yada. Sure it is. That’s what they all say. Every one of the BIG companies who’ve been hacked in recent years said that very same thing, or they didn’t even bother saying it, because they thought they were impervious. Uh-huh.

Can you tell I’m pissed?

8 thoughts on “Here we go

  1. I share your frustration, though I’m not so willing to buy the story that the Chinese are behind it. It could just as easily be Russian mobsters in Beleruse, or a bunch of hackers in Cinncinati. I’d vote for U.S or U.S.-knowledgeable myself, but that’s just me. There weren’t any security provisions built into Obamacare, and a friend who knows far more about such things than I do has been warning about this sort of thing for months. He says the government sites are a back door into the health care providers, and the doors aren’t locked.

    In the meantime, I need to decide whether it’s time to buy some of that hacker insurance, like Life Lock. At least it would provide a heads-up. I don’t have that much, but I sure would like to hang on to it.

    I have gone to a cash only basis as much as I can — especially in places like restaurants, where skimmers are so common.

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    • Linda, sometimes I’m a little too quick to believe whatever they spout on the news. You’re right, it could be just about anyone. Life Lock is sounding better all the time. I’m going to look into it. I don’t really think anything to do with the internet is safe or secure. We’re all extremely vulnerable.


  2. I’m with Linda that the hacker insurance is beginning to look better and better. There was just a piece on skimmers on our local news. And my Blue Care insurance is part of the mother ship Anthem. Ugh. So, every day I check my bank statement and do what I can to make sure I’m not in trouble…. but you just never know.

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    • I agree, Jeanie. I hope this all turns out to be not as bad as they think, but I guess we all have to take precautions in the meantime. I worry most about the new accounts they might be trying to open in my name. And what about all of the children whose SS numbers are floating around out there. Their credit may be ruined before they even learn to read. It’s a scary situation.


  3. H heard about this on television. In December, he got Anthem to supplement Medicare. I’ll get it in a few months. We’ve received no email notification yet.

    We had a credit card that was compromised a couple of months ago – charges in Texas that we didn’t make. Our information with Home Depot was also compromised. It’s all so disturbing.


    • Yes, that Home Depot hacking was really big, too. I’m thinking that if you haven’t yet received an email about Anthem, then your information might be okay, for now anyway. We’ve had credit cards compromised before, and they’re relatively easy to clean up, but the SS numbers scare the bejesus out of me. Ugh.


      • Our credit card was easy to clear up, and I have to say that the card company caught it early. We got a new card and number, and everything has bee okay since. I’m most concerned about the SS#. Like you, I’ve long thought we should have some other identifier.

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  4. I got hacked when I worked for the State of California. They got everything, Social security, birth date, address, mother’s maiden name, you name it they got it. Had to put warnings on the 3 credit check companies. Still had a person in Texas use my social and got a credit card, charged it to the max and let it go to collections. Lucky for me my bank took over, since the card was opened with them, and cleaned it all up. I had my SSN longer than that person had been alive.


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