Rumble in the ‘hood, motherhood, that is.

Have you seen the video? This one, by Similac—Sisterhood of Motherhood.

The atmosphere on social media has become toxic in so many ways, and mothering/parenting has not escaped its poison. The anonymity of commenting, especially if one uses a nom de plume, guarantees very little backlash for disparaging comments made. Everyone is an expert, and everyone, it seems, wants to think that their way is best, and how dare you to choose a different path or method. No area is off limits, from how one becomes pregnant, delivery choices, methods of feeding, stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) versus working mom, whether one pushes (in a stroller) or cuddles (in a Moby). These are just some of the highlights (or lowlights?) of ways mothers and others can use to find fault in how one raises their child. And these aren’t gentle suggestions, they more exactly resemble hate mail and bullying.

The video starts out like a rumble in the park, ala West Side Story. It is humorous without being mean, and gently rebukes those who choose to criticize mothers and fathers. The ending is sweet, and I actually felt tears welling up inside. The message is well taken, let’s stop bullying with words. Let’s support our compatriots in life, no matter what path they choose. Let’s just all get along.