Eighteen below

Or -19°, depending on which weather service you believe. School is canceled again…two days last week for frigid wind chill temperatures. More than likely there will be more cancellations later this week. They’re predicting double-digit negatives at least two more nights. February is set to go down in the record books as the coldest ever. March isn’t looking too good, either, at least not for syrup making. It’s probably going to be a bust this year. We’ll have really cold weather, and then all of a sudden, it will be hot. I hate it when we have little or no spring. It just isn’t right.

I’m hoping to get a vegetable garden started this spring. We’re probably going to use part of the front yard, because it gets the most direct sunlight in the summer months. Don’t worry, it will have a decorative fence around it, so it won’t be too tacky. We’ll be all Martha Stewart here, minus all the minion gardeners. It will be us doing all the work. Raised beds will be the way to go. The soil here is awful and needs years of amending with compost. I started a new compost pile as soon as we moved in, but it won’t be ready to use by spring, so we’ll have to buy a truckload. I’m itching to get outside and dig in the dirt.

I also need to work on the landscaping beds around the house. The plants there are well established, but they need more. I think they landscaped with low maintenance in mind.There’s a river birch beside the patio that I love. It’s right beside the hot tub. I want to add a Japanese maple like the one we had at the other house. It had the most beautiful red fall foliage. The irises need to be divided. I should have done it last fall, but it didn’t happen. We had a bunch on the east side of the house that bloomed in October. I’ve never had irises bloom in October.

I hope you enjoy this little song from Franklin and Friends (a children’s TV series). It says exactly what I’m feeling right now.